True Infrared (735nm, 850nm) Supplemental Series IR LED Lightstrip
True Infrared (735nm, 850nm) Supplemental Series IR LED Lightstrip
True Infrared (735nm, 850nm) Supplemental Series IR LED Lightstrip
True Infrared (735nm, 850nm) Supplemental Series IR LED Lightstrip
True Infrared (735nm, 850nm) Supplemental Series IR LED Lightstrip

True Infrared (735nm, 850nm) Supplemental Series IR LED Lightstrip

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"True Infrared" Supplemental strips have finally arrived!

The PAR or Photosynthetically Active Radiation range measures light intensity and output in the spectral range from 400nm - 700nm. Traditional thinking is that light outside of this region plays little role in chlorophyll production and photosynthesis since the photosynthetic efficiency of monochromatic Far Red light sharply declines with the increase in wavelength.

However, as early as 1957 Robert Emerson (Emerson Effect) was doing pioneering research that showed when plants are exposed ONLY to wavelengths above 680nm or ONLY to wavelengths below 680nm the rates of photosynthesis was fairly low, but when plants were exposed to both rates above AND below 680nm the rate of photosynthesis increased significantly. His conclusion was there must be two photosystems at work in the plant, one driven by shorter and one driven by longer wavelengths of light. 


Furthermore, recent studies have shown that 

As such there has been less research conducted and/or technology developed to make these wavelengths of light available for indoor horticulture.

That being said, as early as 1957 Robert Emerson was doing pioneering work in studying the effects of 

Most "old school" HID horticultural lighting (HPS, MH, CMH, etc) contain some amount light outside of the critical PAR range, but high efficiency LED lighting contains almost no energy above 700nm.

The "All New" Super Blue 115 is the V2 version of our 4 foot Veg Stage LED grow light lightstrip featuring a slightly tweaked spectrum and increased output from our wildly popular growth maximizing, node stacking, stem bulking multi CCT white and blue augmented LED spectrum!

V2 of our popular Super Blue design features an all new array of 450nm and 470nm wavelength blue diodes. This enables us to extend the Blue spectrum in an area where the sun emits lots of energy (equal to or greater than 450nm blue), to more closely resemble the sun's spectrum since PAR output between 460 and 500nm is generally ignored by current generation LED grow lights due to the inherent design limitations of phosphor-coated full spectrum white diodes.

In addition, we have redesigned the PCB increasing the footprint of the diode array for better, more even coverage and enhanced thermal conductivity while also adding a new 2-way connector for easier installation

The Super Blue 115 spectrum is perfectly optimized for the vegetative growth cycle of your plants. Your seedlings, clones, short and long-term vegetative growth plants (including mother plants) will absolutely thrive!

Featuring 210 pieces of top bin Samsung LM301B white diodes arranged in a 4000k/3000k mix with 5 top bin 450nm blue diodes and 5 "new" top Bin 470nm diodes, Super Blue 115 provides a supplemental blue boost resembling "high-noon" summer sunlight. 

The 450nm blue boost has been shown to stimulate chlorophyll production and photosynthesis, improving vegetative growth with stockier plants with short internodal length and potentially increasing trichome production, anthrocyanin development (purple pigment) and potency in medicinal plants when added as a "finishing spectrum" at the end of the plants flowering stage.

In Super Blue 115 V2, we have also added 5 additional 470nm diodes to further the PAR spectrum output in an area where traditional, current generation LED growlights fall short, but where the Sun is typically emitting equal to or greater photon density than 450nm! 

Super Blue 115's convenient 4 foot form factor decreases the wiring and mounting complexity of using multiple smaller lightstrips while also providing a disperse linear diode array resulting in a broad, even, dense blanket of light raining down across your entire canopy with zero hotspots and no dark corners!


  • Lightstrip Efficacy (PPE): 2.8 μmols/j -  2.5 μmols/j
    • 84 μmols @ 700mA/43VDC - 231 μmols @ 2000mA/46VDC
  • CCT: 4021K
  • CRI: 87
  • Typical Forward Voltage: ~45V 
  • Max Current: 2.4A
  • Max Watts: 115W at the wall (With proper heatsink and cooling)
  • Dimensions: 1120mm (44.1") x 48mm (1.9")

Bill of Materials  (All the parts you'll need)

Build Notes
(How to build your light)

    Heatsink Requirments  (See #1 In Build Notes)

    Recommended Drivers (Series Wiring):

    • 2 Strips: Meanwell HLG185h-C1400
    • 3 Strips: Meanwell HLG240h-C1400 or C1750 
    • 4 Strips: Meanwell HLG320h-C1400 or C1750
    • 4 or 5 Strips: Meanwell HLG480h-C1750

    Recommended Drivers (Parallel Wiring):

    • 3 Strips: Meanwell 240h-48
    • 4 Strips: Meanwell 320h-48
    • 5 or 6 Strips: Meanwell HLG480h-48
    • 6 - 8 Strips: Meanwell HLG600h-48
      • Please ensure your configuration DOES NOT exceed maximum  current of 2.3A per strip.
      • DO NOT wire Big Red and Super Blue together in Parallel due to risk of Thermal Runaway.
      • See Drivers (Parallel) in Build Notes for more info.

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