FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) How many lightbars/strips do I need to light my space?
This depends on a number of factors but a good rule of thumb is 10w/sq ft or canopy for seedlings or clones, 15-20w/sq ft for Vegetative growth, 30w/sq ft for flower (no CO2) and 35-40w/sq ft (w CO2).

  • 2' x 4' - Pro Line - 3 or DIY: 2 strips (Seed, Clone or Veg), 3 Strips Flower (no CO2), 3 Strips Flower (CO2)
  • 3' x 4' - Pro Line 3 Photon Boost or Pro Line - 4s or DIY: 3 Strips (Seed, Clone or Veg), 4 Strips Flower (no CO2), 5 Strips Flower (Co2)
  • 4' x 4' - Pro Line - 4s or Pro Line - 6 or DIY: 4 Strips (Seed, Clone or Veg), 6 - 7 Strips Flower (no CO2), 6 - 8 Strips Flower (CO2) 
  • 5' x 5' - Pro Line - 6, Pro Line - 8 or Pro Line - 10 or DIY: 4 Strips (Seed, Clone or Veg), 8 - 10 Strips Flower (no Co2), 8 - 10 Strips Flower (CO2)

1a) How many lightbars/strips do I need for XXXX PPFD across an X' x Y' canopy?
Please reach out to us on email at: danklightco@gmail.com. We are happy to provide a quick consult on your lighting needs.

2) How far above the canopy should I hang the light?

  • Seedling/Clones: 20" - 30"
  • Vegetative Growth: 14" - 30"
  • Flower: 9" - 24" (Most strains will show no negative effects with your lights down to 9" above the canopy. If going lower than that, watch for signs of Photon Toxicity which can cause bleaching and/or red main stems/lighter color in new growth)

3) How do I assemble a Pro Line Light?
Scan the QR code below or visit: https://youtu.be/GU3awWAXo4A

4) How do I build a DIY light
Check out our Build Notes page for complete details.

4a) How do I assemble one of your EZ-Connect kits?
Check out the EZ-Connect DIY LED Grow Light Kit Instructions here!

5) What other parts do I need / How much does it cost to build a DIY light?
Check out our DIY Bill of Materials page for everything you'll need.

6) Which driver should I use?
Check out the Products pages for specific Series and Parallel driver recommendations.

    7) How do I wire up the Strips with a Series Driver?
    Check out our page:  Series Wiring Instructions for LED Driver

    8) How do I wire the Strips with a Parallel Driver?
    Check out our page: Parallel Wiring Instructions for LED Driver

    9) How much room do I need between the top of the heatsinks or drivers and the roof, top of my tent, etc?
    ALWAYS keep at least 4 - 5" (the more the better) between the driver or heatsinks and the roof of your grow space. We HIGHLY recommend having a fan or two ABOVE your lights pointing down so there is a constant flow of air across the heatsinks (and drivers if they are mounted to the light fixture).

    Failure to provide an air gap and some air circulation will result in premature failure of your driver and/or lightstrips.

    10) How long will shipping take?
    Please see our Shipping page.

    11) Do you ship Internationally?
    Please see our Shipping page.

    12) What is your Return/Warranty policy?
    Please see our Returns page.

    13) How many Lightbars/Strips/Watts does it take to replace a 1000 watt HPS lamp?
    In our experience, 8 Strips running between 650 - 700 watts will replace a 1000w HPS with higher PPFD output, better PAR spectrum performance and significantly lower heat output.

    14) Your lights sounds great, but Amazon has 800w LED lights for $129, why the heck should I pay more?
    This is really a case of you get what you pay for. Those cheap lights on Amazon don't actually dissipate the watts, nor deliver anywhere near the PAR output of our ultra high efficiency Samsung and Cree LEDs.

    If you want cheap, underpowered, improperly built lights that will fail after a grow or 2 (ask me how I know. Lol!) go ahead and waste your money.

    If you want consistent, top shelf quality results grow after grow, invest a little time and money in a Dank Light Co. light that will provide consistent results and a positive Return on Investment for years to come.