Bill of Materials (BOM)

Dank Light Co.
DIY 8 Lightstrip LED Build

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Example (Best): EZ-Connect Heatsink from Dank Light Co. ($19.99 - $24.99)
EZ-Connect Heatsink

Example (Good): 2.079” profile  (Price ~$17.10/heatsink (45”), ~$17.48/heatsink (46”) 2.079" Profile   

1) 8 Heatsinks @ 44.25” x 2” (Minimum Length and Width) 
2) Order 45” and have them cut to 44.25” if you plan to use the same holes at the end of the PCB to mount the Heatsink AND PCB directly to the frame.
2a) Alternatively you can order 46” and cut to 45.25” and drill separate holes in the heatsink to mount the heatsink to the frame.
3) NOTE: We also recommend using thermal grease for the best thermal conductivity.


Example (Good): Thermal Tape  (Price: ~$19.99)
Thermal Tape - Amazon

Example (Better): Thermal Glue  (Price: ~$15.99)
Thermal Glue - Amazon 

Example (Best): Thermal Grease  (Price: ~$13.99)
Thermal Grease - Amazon 


Example (Good): 2 x Meanwell HLG 320H-C1400B   (Price ~$85-90/driver)

HLG 320h-C1400b Distributors 

  • Each driver powers up to 4 strips in Series up to 1.4 amps each

Example (Better): 3 x Meanwell HLG 240H-C1750B   (Price ~$62-70/driver) 
HLG 240h-C1750b Distributors   

  • Each driver powers up to 3 strips in Series up to 1.75 amps each

Example (Big Build): 2 x Meanwell HLG 480H-C1750B  (Price: ~$135 - $150/driver)
HLG 480h-C1750b Distributors   

  • Each driver powers 4 - 5 strips in Series up to 1.75 amps each
  • Recommended for 10 strip or greater builds

BUILD NOTE:  Series Wiring Diagram Link


Example (Good): 1 x Meanwell HLG 600H-48B  (Price ~$180/driver)
HLG 600h-48b Distributors 

  • Each driver will power 8 strips up to 1.5 amps each
  • NEVER RUN LESS THAN 6 STRIPS on this driver or you will exceed max current per strip

Example (Better): 2 x Meanwell HLG 320H-48B  (Price ~$85-90/driver)
HLG 320h-48b Distributors

  • Each driver will power 4 strips up to 1.675 amps each
  • NEVER RUN LESS THAN 4 STRIPS on this driver or you will exceed max current per strip

Example (Big Build): 2 x Meanwell HLG 480h-48b  (Price: ~$134 - $152/driver)
HLG 480h-48b Distributors

  • This driver will power 5 strips up to 2 amps each (Requiring heatsinks bigger than the Heatsink USA 2.079 profile and/or active cooling)
  • Recommended for Builds with 10 or more strips
  • NEVER RUN LESS THAN 5 STRIPS on this driver or you will exceed max current per strip

BUILD NOTE:  Parallel Wiring Diagram Link


For a typical 8 strip light to cover a 4 x 4 to 5 x 5 area, you will need 2 Pcs of Frame Material @  44” - 48” length.

Example (Best): EZ-Connect Frame Kit from Dank Light Co. (Price: $34.99)
EZ-Connect Frame Kit

Example (Good): Angle Aluminum  (Price ~ $12.00/8’ piece) 
Angle Aluminum from    

Example (Better): T-Slot Extrusion (Price: ~$12.00/4’ piece)
T-Slot Extrusion from   

You will also need the required T-slot nuts 
T-Slot Nuts from

….and 4mm x 20mm bolts
T-Slot Bolts (4mm) by

4) WIRE:

Example (Good): 22ga Solid Core  (Price ~ $15.99)
22ga. Solid Core Wire - Amazon   

Example (Better): 18ga Solid Core  (Price ~ $29.99) 
18ga. Solid Core Wire - Amazon   


Example (Good): Solderless Lever nuts  (Price: ~$20)
Solderless Lever Nuts - Amazon   

Example (Better): Wago Solderless Lever nuts  (Price ~ $20)
Wago Solderless Lever Nuts - Amazon    

While we like the quality Wago offers, this kit contains far fewer lever nuts than the “good” choice above which will work just fine.

Example (Better): IP67 Waterproof Wire Connectors  (Price: ~$9.99)
IP67 Waterproof Wire Connectors - Amazon   


See BUILD NOTES regarding connecting hardware

Example (Imperial):

Example (Metric)


An unterminated power cord is the only required item in the list below. The other items are simply ways of improving the look and quality of your build.

Example: Unterminated Power Cord (Required: Price: ~$7.80 )
Unterminated Power Cord - Amazon   

Example (Good): Dimmer   (Price: ~ $2)
100K Audio Taper Potentiometer Dimmer - Radio Shack  

Example (Better): Dimmer  (Price: ~ $6)
Cased Potentiometer Dimmer -   

We recommend buying a dimmer switch if you buy any of the “B” series dimmable Meanwell drivers. A dimmer is NOT required with non-dimmable, A series Meanwell drivers.

Example: LCD Display (Voltage, Current and Watts)
LCD Display

Example: On/Off Switch: (Not mandatory: Price: ~$6.75)
On/Off Rocker Switch - Amazon   

Example: Junction Box (Various Sizes): (Not mandatory:  Price: ~$11.49)
Junction Box - Amazon  

Example: Cable Gland Nuts: (Not Mandatory: Price: ~$9.98)
Cable Gland Nut Kit - Amazon   

Cable Glands are typically used in junction boxes as a way to pass/hold wires running from the outside of a junction box to the inside.

Example: 3-Pole T-Type Cable Connector : (Not Mandatory: Price: ~$10.99)
3-Pole T-Type Cable Connector

Example: Grow Light Ratchet Rope Hangers
Grow Light Rope Hangers

Example: Zip Ties  OMG! Don't forget the zip ties!! Lol! Can't tell you how many times these have come in handy on a build!!
Zip Ties

For more ideas on using junction boxes, power switches, cable gland nuts, etc to spruce up your Dank Light Co. build we recommend checking out: