Dank Light Co. was created by an old school indoor gardening 🌱, hardcore DIY electronics nerd that can never leave "well enough" alone. 🤘

My fascination with DIY and all things electronic started when I was 13 and couldn't afford the Zeus car stereo amplifier by Hifonics. LOL! If you're old enough to remember when those amps came out here's a hint.....don't tell anyone! 😂

Anyway, I always had 🍾 tastes and a 🍺 budget so I was forced to look for other ways to make my electronic dreams come true.

Low and behold I came across a HeathKit DIY kit catalog and that as they say is where it all began......

After 20 years of building car amplifers and subwoofer systems, audiophile stereo speakers, building and restoring vintage tube audio gear and ultimately building my entire home stereo system from scratch, I was ready to start a new indoor garden for the first time in a couple of years and that's when I found Growmau5 !

I was floored by a video he shared on a test Cree had done showing they could match a Gavita DE 1000 HPS with 500 watts of LED power.

Could this really be?

Half the watts with the same yield and quality we were used to with HID lights (and with less heat)?

Growmau5 literally changed my life, cuz I wouldn't be here doing this now if it wasn't for him sharing his knowledge of LED lighting. For the first time I was able to bring together 2 of my life's two greatest passions.....growing 🌼 and building electronics!

I quickly watched all of his videos.....twice 😁! And then found all the various LED forums at RIU, Autoflowers, LEDGardener, etc.

I started reading about other people's DIY builds and checking out every LED grow journal I could find. I wasn't an active participant on the forums. Always a lurker. I'd spent plenty of time on forums for all my other hobbies and ultimately they always become infested with a couple of big egos that I'd rather not deal with.

Anyway, it's been 3 years since I found that Growmau5 video. I'm on IG now and I've built numerous DIY LED systems for my own use and consulted a number of friends.

My first LED build and grow (documented on IG) used the 70v Vero 29 COB's and ran over 1400 watts at the wall 😲 but was dimmed to ~800w or so and yielded 2.5 lbs from a 5x5 tent my first time ever using LED lights.....and with cultivars I'd never run before. 

That was enough proof for me!

Shortly after that, ScynceLED.com asked if I would test a pair of their Dragon SL1200's..... amazing tech and they are great guys, but I wanted to do my own thing and I was getting that DIY bug again....

So I started playing around with circuit design and reached out to a few manufacturers to help with my prototypes. 

We built a few quantum board designs, but I wasn't happy with the end product and decided against a board type design in favor of the lightstrip design we are now building.

I love the #DIYLED community and hope that I can have just a little of the impact that @growmau5 had on me.

My goal is to make it a little easier to get high quality, high efficiency, 🔥🌼 growing LED lighting into your grow and save you a little 💰 in the process.

I don't take myself too seriously, but when it comes to my 💡's and my 🌼 I don't ever f*ck around. Believe that! ✊

I hope you enjoy our products and invite you to get in touch with any questions you may have, to share stories about your grow or to hotbox the whip real quick before we gotta bounce. 

Thanks for stopping by! ✌

Dank Light Co.