8 lightbar "Flowering & Full Cycle" (640W-960W) EZ-Connect DIY LED Grow Light Kit
8 lightbar "Flowering & Full Cycle" (640W-960W) EZ-Connect DIY LED Grow Light Kit
8 lightbar "Flowering & Full Cycle" (640W-960W) EZ-Connect DIY LED Grow Light Kit
8 lightbar "Flowering & Full Cycle" (640W-960W) EZ-Connect DIY LED Grow Light Kit
8 lightbar "Flowering & Full Cycle" (640W-960W) EZ-Connect DIY LED Grow Light Kit
8 lightbar "Flowering & Full Cycle" (640W-960W) EZ-Connect DIY LED Grow Light Kit

8 lightbar "Flowering & Full Cycle" (640W-960W) EZ-Connect DIY LED Grow Light Kit

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Our 8 Lightbar "Flowering and Full Cycle" LED grow light can handle the entire growth cycle of your plant from seedling (or clone) to harvest!

With our LED grow light spectrum designed specifically to target your plant's chlorophyll production centers, Dank Light Co. LED grow lights ensure maximum photosynthetic rates for lush, stout, robust vegetative growth with maximum flower production and quality!

This kit features 8 of our "NEW" Big Red 120 (V2) Lightstrips  with a CCT of ~ 3210K or a 50/50 mix of Big Red 110 and Super Blue 110 lightstrips with a CCT of ~3550K. 

Dank Light Co. EZ-Connect DIY LED Grow Light kits are the easiest way to build a Name Brand Quality grow light WITHOUT the Name Brand price tag!

With a single screwdriver, a pair of wire cutters and zero electronics experience, you can build an LED grow light that will go head-to-head with ANYTHING on the market for yield, quality, genetic expression and medicinal value.

Check out the EZ-Connect DIY LED Grow Light Kit Instructions here!

Our EZ-Connect LED grow light kits come With or Without drivers! 

EZ-Connect kits "With Drivers" are complete, ready to build and power on the day your receive your light. The kits without drivers come "almost ready to build" including our LED lightstrips, EZ- Connect Heatsinks, and Frame with all the individual parts needed to complete your light except the LED drivers (power supplies).

You will see a number of different driver recommendations below. Check out our "Photon Boost" options if you want to run a little more power for big bump in output!

If you've always wondered what a Big Name Brand LED grow light can do, here's your chance to find out for a DIY price that's hundreds less!

Check out the EZ-Connect DIY LED Grow Light Kit Instructions here!

What's Included:

  • 8 x "NEW" Big Red 120 (V2) lightstrips or a 50/50 mix of Big Red 120 lightstrips and Super Blue 110 lightstrips (choose your option when adding the product to your cart)
  • 8 x EZ-Connect Heatsinks (and all mounting hardware)
  • 1 x EZ-Connect Grow Light Frame (and all mounting hardware)
  • 1 x 16GA Unterminated Grounded Power Cord
  • 1 x Dimmer Control Pot w/ Knob
  • 1 x 18ga solid core wiring kit
  • 1 set of Wago Solderless Lever Nuts (for electric connections)

Please Note: Our EZ-Connect Universal Driver Mount is NOT included in the kit. Click here to and add it to your cart now!


  • Light Output (PPF): 1700 - 1900 μmols (depending on drivers)
  • Light Efficacy (PPE): 2.95 - 2.65 μmols/j 
  • Grow Light Footprint:
    • Vegetative Growth - 6' x 6'
    • Flowering - 5' x 5'
  • CCT: Big Red 120: 3200, Super Blue 110: 4021
  • CRI: Big Red 120: 89, Super Blue 110: 87
  • Max Watts: 960W (For an 8 lightbar fixture. 120W/lightbar (Big Red 120))
  • Dimensions: 1130mm (44.5") x 1130mm (44.5")

Recommended Drivers (Series Wiring):

  • 4 Strips:
    • Mean Well 320h-C1750
    • Inventronics EUD-320S220DT (Reprogrammed to 1700ma Output Current)
  • 4 or 5 Strips:
    • Mean Well HLG-480h-C1750 (Get the Best Price Here!)
    • Mean Well HLG 480h-C2100 (Photon Boost! - High Output/High Watt Option)

Recommended Drivers (Parallel Wiring):

  • 4 Strips:
    • Mean Well HLG-320h-48 (Get the Best Price Here!)
    • Inventronics EUD-320S670DT
    • Mean Well HLG-480h-48 (Photon Boost! - High Output/High Watt Option)
    • Inventronics EUD-480S10ADT (Photon Boost! - High Output/High Watt Option)

      Additional Parallel Driver Notes:

      • Parallel drivers deliver their ENTIRE CURRENT to whatever load is connected when they are powered up. Please ensure your configuration DOES NOT exceed maximum current of 2.4A per strip.
        • To determine Max Current Per Strip, find the total current delivered by your Parallel Driver and divide by the number of strips you are connecting.
      • DO NOT wire Big Red and Super Blue together in Parallel due to risk of Thermal Runaway.
      • See Drivers (Parallel) in Build Notes for more info.

      Check out the EZ-Connect DIY LED Grow Light Kit Instructions here!

        IMPORTANT NOTE: The dyes used to color Anodized aluminum parts are organically based and as such tend to fade with time and exposure to elements. This is natural and expected. We are unable to honor warranties for faded, anodized parts. Please take this into consideration when ordering.

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 4 reviews
          Badass lights

          These lights are badass! Very easy to assembly in series or parallel. I personally like to mix Big Reds and Super Blues on separate driver for separate red and blue control. Erik is awesome to deal with, the best in the business along with his lights. They run efficiently and crazy cool, plants love this lights. Very tight node spacing even more so when mixed with super blue strips.

          By far the best light for the money out there!

          Today was my second order through danklight. This time I ordered 4 veg light kits. I talked with Eric before the order to assure he was going to have in stock what I was ordering. He knocked of some dough since it was a return order. Told me to give him a 15 min heads up so he could load the website with what I was wanting to order. Made my order and within 2-3 days my order was on it's way. Will arrive in less than a week from ordering. These plants love this light. Dimmer switch makes for an easy spray. The customer support on these is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Dude got on instagram facetime with me to help me figure out the build in an area where I was having some trouble. Do yourself a favor and pick up some of these lights. It smashes a gavita or any t5s. I jumped ship on the h.i.d.'s

          Chris Bailey
          Great Light!

          Just started my first round of flowering plants with it and really impressed with how good it looks. It's super bright with two HLG-320H-48A drivers on the 8 bar light. Looks as good or better than the Meijiu 650W A8 that's sitting beside it.

          Matthew Wilkinson
          Don't Sleep on Dank Lights

          I reached out to Eric at dank lights originally to see when they would have more light bars in stock. I recieved a reply within a couple of hours. Which in my opinion is amazing customer service. I wanted to build 2 10 bar mixed spectrum setups with the blue and red strips. They actually had enough in stock at the time to fulfill my order. The following day Eric sent me an invoice and added the inventory online so I could place my order. I recieved everything within a week which hardly ever happens. Everything was packed up very secure so it wouldn't get damaged. Once I got to doing the build I realized I would ne extra support in the middle because of the extra weight. I reached back out to Eric and he sent me eye hooks to mount to my driver bar the next day. I had to wait a bit on my drivers because they were out of stock. 2 hlg 480 c1750b on each setup. They are up and running now and I couldn't be happier. The plants love the dual spectrum. I have both 10 bar setups in a 5x10 tent. They are crushing it at 35% power. Id recommend these lights to anyone. I also have 4 double hlg diy rspec setups and 1 triple diy respec setup. These lights blow them away. Great job Eric!