3 Lightbar "Flowering & Full Cycle" (240W-360W) EZ Connect DIY LED Grow light Kit
3 Lightbar "Flowering & Full Cycle" (240W-360W) EZ Connect DIY LED Grow light Kit
3 Lightbar "Flowering & Full Cycle" (240W-360W) EZ Connect DIY LED Grow light Kit
3 Lightbar "Flowering & Full Cycle" (240W-360W) EZ Connect DIY LED Grow light Kit

3 Lightbar "Flowering & Full Cycle" (240W-360W) EZ Connect DIY LED Grow light Kit

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Our 3 Lightbar "Flowering and Full Cycle" LED grow light can handle the entire growth cycle of your plant from seedling (or clone) to harvest! 

This light was designed to work perfectly in a 2' x 4' tent or typical bedroom closet space. And with a hang height as low as 6" above the canopy and a 1.25" total fixture height, this light is perfect for vertical growing on 2' x 4' shelves!

With our LED grow light spectrum designed  specifically to target your plant's chlorophyll production centers, Dank Light Co. LED grow lights ensure maximum photosynthetic rates for lush, stout, robust vegetative growth with maximum flower production and quality!

This kit features 3 of our "NEW" Big Red 120 (V2) Lightstrips or 2 Big Red 120 V2 and one Super Blue 115 V2 LightstripsA 3 lightbar Super Blue 115 V2 kit option is also available.

Dank Light Co. EZ-Connect DIY LED Grow Light kits are the easiest way to build a Name Brand Quality grow light WITHOUT the Name Brand price tag!

With a single screwdriver, a pair of wire cutters and zero electronics experience, you can build an LED grow light that will go head-to-head with ANYTHING on the market for yield, quality, genetic expression and medicinal value.

Check out the EZ-Connect DIY LED Grow Light Kit Instructions here!

Our EZ-Connect LED grow light kits come With or Without drivers! 

EZ-Connect kits "With Drivers" are complete, ready to build and power on the day your receive your light. The kits without drivers come "almost ready to build" including our LED lightstrips, EZ- Connect Heatsinks, and Frame with all the individual parts needed to complete your light except the LED drivers (power supplies).

You will see a number of different driver recommendations below. Check out our "Photon Boost" options if you want to run a little more power for big bump in output!

If you've always wondered what a Big Name Brand LED grow light can do, here's your chance to find out for a DIY price that's hundreds less!

Check out the EZ-Connect DIY LED Grow Light Kit Instructions here!

What's Included:

  • 3 x "NEW" Big Red 120 (V2) Lightstrips lightstips, or 3 x Super Blue 115 V2 Lightstrips or 2 x Big Red and 1 x Super Blue lightstrips (choose your option when adding the product to your cart)
  • 3 x EZ-Connect Heatsinks (and all mounting hardware)
  • 1 x EZ-Connect 2' (565mm) Grow Light Frame (and all mounting hardware)
  • 1 x 16GA Unterminated Grounded Power Cord
  • 1 x Dimmer Control Pot w/ Knob
  • 1 x 18ga solid core wiring kit
  • 1 set of Wago Solderless Lever Nuts (for electric connections)

Please Note: Our EZ-Connect Universal Driver Mount is NOT included in the kit. Click here to and add it to your cart now!


  • Grow Light Footprint:
    • Vegetative Growth - 3' x 4'
    • Flowering - 2' x 4'
  • CCT: Big Red 120: 3200, Super Blue 110: 4021
  • CRI: Big Red 120: 89, Super Blue 110: 87
  • Max Watts: 360W (For an 3 lightbar fixture. 120W/lightbar (Big Red 120))
  • Dimensions: 1130mm (44.5") x 565mm (22.25")

Recommended Drivers (Series Wiring):

  • 2 Strips: Inventronics EUG-200S210DT
  • 3 Strips:
    • Mean Well HLG240h-C1750 (Get the Best Price Here!)
    • Inventronics EUG-240S210DT
    • Mean Well HLG320H-C2100 (Photon Boost! - High Output/High Watt Option)
    • Inventronics EUD-320S220DT (Photon Boost! - High Output/High Watt Option)

Recommended Drivers (Parallel Wiring):

  • 2 Strips:
    • Meanwell HLG185H-48
    • Inventronics EUG-200S560DT (Programmed or dimmed to 4600ma)
  • 3 Strips:
    • Meanwell HLG240H-48
    • Inventronics EUG-240S670DT
    • Mean Well HLG320H-48 (Photon Boost! - High Output/High Watt Option)
    • Inventronics EUD-320S670DT (Photon Boost! - High Output/High Watt Option)

Additional Parallel Driver Notes:

  • Parallel drivers deliver their ENTIRE CURRENT to whatever load is connected when they are powered up. Please ensure your configuration DOES NOT exceed maximum current of 2.3A per strip.
    • To determine Max Current Per Strip, find the total current delivered by your Parallel Driver and divide by the number of strips you are connecting.
  • DO NOT wire Big Red and Super Blue together in Parallel due to risk of Thermal Runaway.
  • See Drivers (Parallel) in Build Notes for more info.

Check out the EZ-Connect DIY LED Grow Light Kit Instructions here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Love it! Can’t wait for the pro line💪


Got my first tent setup and rocking the danklightco. Following a guy on IG who has a few of these setup and is absolutely CRUSHING with them! Hope to see similar results under my new light!

3rd purchase

Quality equipment & a great price. The mounting frame is great and makes assembly fast so do cheap out. Currently running 3 bar in a 2x4 killing it, also 4 bar in a 3x5 & 8 bar in open area 6x6. Results are outstanding

durtmandurt IG

3 Big Reds. Tight packaging. Easy to connect all wires and hardware. Light strips great spectrum AND maneuverability across frame. Things so tight in the 7th inning I put to side and still finish the game proper. These light strips do the work even spaced at 12" apart. Ordered 3 more Big Reds after one month of use. Customer service is A++ 100%.

Thomas McBride

The light kit came in a well designed package with effective packing materials. Very easy to assemble and get on line quickly. Kudos to TDLC!