Pro Line - 4S Full Spectrum LED Grow Light w/ Samsung LM301B & Osram (320W - 480W)
Pro Line - 4S Full Spectrum LED Grow Light w/ Samsung LM301B & Osram (320W - 480W)
Pro Line - 4S Full Spectrum LED Grow Light w/ Samsung LM301B & Osram (320W - 480W)
Pro Line - 4S Full Spectrum LED Grow Light w/ Samsung LM301B & Osram (320W - 480W)
Pro Line - 4S Full Spectrum LED Grow Light w/ Samsung LM301B & Osram (320W - 480W)
Pro Line - 4S Full Spectrum LED Grow Light w/ Samsung LM301B & Osram (320W - 480W)
Pro Line - 4S Full Spectrum LED Grow Light w/ Samsung LM301B & Osram (320W - 480W)
Pro Line - 4S Full Spectrum LED Grow Light w/ Samsung LM301B & Osram (320W - 480W)

Pro Line - 4S Full Spectrum LED Grow Light w/ Samsung LM301B & Osram (320W - 480W)

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Featuring 1272 top bin Samsung LM301B and Osram diodes and 1320 Total PPF (Photon Boost model), Pro Line - 4S Horticultural LED grow lights are a High Performance, High Value alternative to overpriced name brand grow lights.

Pro Line - 4S offers VERY high output, evenly distributed light coverage over a 4' x 4' canopy with modular light configuration and multiple light output (and spectrum) options tailored to your growing needs.


Cutting Edge Modular Design 
Every part on a Pro Line light can be upgraded, configured and replaced in minutes eliminating downtime and future-proofing your LED investment

    Proven 3rd Gen High Output/High Efficiency Light Engines 
    Pro Line's 3rd generation Big Red and Super Blue grow light spectrums featuring Samsung LM301B and Osram diodes provide grower proven results! Designed specifically to target your plant's chlorophyll production centers, Pro Line LED grow lights ensure maximum photosynthetic rates for lush, robust vegetative growth with maximum flower production and quality!

    • Big Red 150 lightbars: Feature 306 Samsung LM301B diodes (66% 3000K/34% 4000K) and 12 Osram Hyper Red 660nm diodes
    • Super Blue 140 lightbars: Feature 252 Samsung LM301B diodes (66% 4000K, 34% 3000K) and 12 Osram Royal Blue 450nm diodes

      Onboard or Remote Driver Mounting
      Pro Line's cutting edge modular design allows you to easily mount the drivers to the light OR remotely outside your growroom in minutes

        Photon Boost Dual Driver Option 
        All Pro Line lights are available with single driver or "Photon Boost" dual driver power supplies providing increased output levels and Blue/Red spectrum control (model dependent)

          Vertical Grow Friendly 
          Pro Line's slim profile and passively cooled modular design make it the perfect solution for vertical growing or in any space with low ceiling heights

            LED Lightbar Diode Array 
            Proven Linear Diode Arrays provide the most even light coverage over the entire canopy with extremely high average PAR output

              0-100% Dimmable Power Supply 
              High Quality Inventronics Drivers (power supplies) provide completing dimming and dim-to-off functionality

                Waterproof (IP65 Rated)
                All lights are IP65 waterproof rated

                  Plug and Play Assembly
                  Pro Line lights can be assembled/disassembled in minutes using only simple thumbscrews

                    3 year limited warranty included


                    Multiple power output and spectrum options are available, all providing excellent full-term (seed to harvest) growth. 
                    • 4 Super Blue 140 Lightbars with 320W Inventronics Driver (Veg Specific Spectrum)
                    • 4 Big Red 150 Lightbars with 480W Inventronics Drivers adding Dual Dimming Spectrum Control (Most Output)
                    Big Red 150 lightbars feature a warmer, lower color temperature (3150K) with a healthy dose of 660nm Red designed specifically to enhance flower development and yield. The overall spectrum is designed to simulate a bright, late summer, late afternoon day. Big Red 150 excels at flowering but works just as well as a full-term (seed to harvest) lighting solution.

                    Super Blue 140 lightbars feature a cooler, higher color temperature (4500K) with a healthy dose of 450nm Blue designed specifically to limit internodal length, promote anthrocyanin (purple pigment) development and potentially increase trichome production when added as a "finishing spectrum" in late flower. The overall spectrum is designed to simulate an mid summer day at high noon. Super Blue 140 excels at  vegetative growth but also works very well in combination with Big Red 150 (with a combined color temperature of 3600K) for growers looking for more precise spectrum control to influence the growth characteristics of their plants.


                    Light Output (Total PPF):

                  • 4 Big Red 150 Lightbars (480W Driver): 1320 PPF
                  • 4 Super Blue 140 Lightbars (320W Driver): 750 PPF 

                  • Light Efficacy (PPE): 
                    2.76 - 2.55 μmols/j @ max output (configuration dependent)

                    Canopy Footprint:

                  • Vegetative Growth - 5' x 4'
                  • Flowering - 4' x 4'

                  • Input Voltage: 100-277VAC

                    Current Draw 120V(240V):

                  • 4.2A - 4.4A(2.2A - 2.4A) - depending on config

                  • BTU (Heat Load): 

                  • 818 to 1644 BTU's (per fixture) - depending on config

                  • Hanging Height (Above Canopy): 

                  • 6" (38cm) - 18" (91.5cm) - increase height with higher output

                  • Grow Room Ambient Air Temp:

                  • Vegetative - 82*F (27.8C) -86*F (30C)
                  • Flower - 80*F (26.7C) - 84*F (28.9C)

                  • Minimum Ceiling Distance:
                    5 Inches (12.7cm) - All Pro Line fixtures should have consistent airflow around the fixture to move heat away from the light, maximizing diode longevity.

                     18.8 lbs (8.5kg) - 19.6 lbs (8.9kg)  - depending on config (Includes drivers)

                     44.2" Length (1122mm)  x 27.75" Width (705mm) x 1.25" Height (31.75mm) without driver (3.25" Height with driver)

                    What's Included:

                  • 4 x Pro Line Lightbars (heatsinks and lightstrips)
                  • 2 x Pro Line Frame Rails
                  • 1 x Remote Dimmable Driver Tray (Power Supply) w/ RJ45 Controller Interface
                  • 1 x RJ45 Network cable for Daisy Chain, multi-light control (Light Controller Not Included)
                  • 1 x M15 Waterproof 120VAC Power Cord (6ft)
                  • 4 x Adjustable Rope Ratchet Hangars to hang light
                  • Optional Accessories:

                  • Remote Control, Daisy Chain, Multi Light Controller - Remotely control 1-100 lights with on/off and sunrise/sunset light dimming schedules without driver current surge at power on
                  • M15 Waterproof AC US 240V Power Cord (8 ft) - This cable is used for those with 240V AC circuits
                  • M15 Waterproof DC Extension Cable (6ft) - This cable is used when the drivers are mounted remotely away from the light fixture and a longer cable is needed
                  • M15 Waterproof AC Extension Cable (6ft) - This cable extends the length of your AC power cord
                  • WARNING - Extremely High Light Output!

                    All Pro Line lights have EXTREMELY high light output! If your plants haven't been properly acclimated to high intensity LED lighting, start by hanging the light high and potentially dimmed. Watch the new growth of your plants over the next few days. If you notice any reddening in the main stem (not the leaf stems) and any curling down OR lighter than normal color in the new growth, raise or dim your light accordingly.

                    Pro Line Assembly Instructions

                    Scan the QR Code below or visit: Pro Line Assembly Instructions to watch the video.

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